FML recycles scrap metal and waste in Paris and across France

Located in Paris, our company, FML, provides recycling solutions for industrial companies, as well as trading solutions for waste collection companies. We offer services that are tailored to your needs, throughout France. By working with us, you benefit from a partnership that is based on trust and on daily commitments.

Our industrial recycling solutions in Paris

FML offers industrial companies a comprehensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling and reclamation services, as well as services in the field of industrial waste management and processing (common industrial waste, wood, cardboard, plastic material…) and special industrial waste (sludge, used oils, fluorescent lamp tubes…) in France and in Europe.

As part of our know-how, we visit any site to perform an audit or a diagnostic of the situation:

  • Analyze the nature and the volume of scrap metal and industrial waste
  • Assess the most appropriate technical and economical solutions
  • Conduct a comprehensive study of metal and waste optimization

We provide industrial companies with waste reclamation schemes reconciling economical and environmental constraints. As a result, processed and prepared goods allow for an effective recycling of collected materials.

Inox 18/8

18/8 stainless steel

E8C chutes de toles

E8C – Steel scrap

E8C chutes de toles

E8C – Steel scrap

Fonte moteur

Cast iron from engine blocks

Cuivre neuf

New copper

Cuivre mêlé

Mixed copper scrap

Aciers alliés

Alloy steels

E5M- tournures acier

E5M – Steel turnings

Container Service

At FML, we provide industrial companies with a wide range of containers that are suited to their needs :

Ampliroll containers
From 10 m3 to 30 m3, open-top or closed-top


Lugger containers
From 8 m3 to 12 m3

Bennes Ampliroll

FML can also consider creating purpose-built containers, tailored to the specific needs of a plant: waste oil collection dumpsters, compactors, roll-off containers with tarp…

Collection and transport: speed of service

You can request container delivery or pickup, schedule the replacement of containers on a regular basis… To do so, please contact us by email or by fax. We operate within 24 to 48 hours upon confirmation of your order.

Metal reclamation and processing

The process we use to reclaim scrap metal involves the aggregation and densification of homogeneous materials until they reach an optimal size in order for them to be transported to the end-user factory and to be recycled there.

Sorting and grouping

Upon receipt, all incoming scrap is checked and sorted if required. Sorting is aimed, on the one hand, at removing non-conforming waste and, on the second hand, at obtaining scrap metal with homogeneous qualities. Once sorted, scrap metal pieces are grouped into categories of materials having similar characteristics.

Waste tracking and regulation

FML ensures the traceability of your waste, from collection (dumpster delivery) to recycling. For this purpose, we systematically provide all required documents, in compliance with any relevant rules: safety protocol, weight tickets, waste tracking document, certificates of recycling or destruction…

FML also offers to all its industrial customers customized management tracking services: monthly reporting (date, tonnage, quality, pricing…), yearly reporting.

Our trading solutions for waste collection companies

At FML, we purchase scrap metals from waste collection companies. We centralize and then resell these materials to iron and steel plants or foundries.

This activity is mainly concerned with bulky scraps (E3, E3C), railway scraps (E314), new steel scraps from plants (E8C, E8, E202), cast iron or steel turnings (E5M), stainless steels (316, 304, F17 stainless steel…), non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, bronze…).

FML provides expertise for each batch and strives to maximize reclamation through direct selling to the end-user factory.

Inox F17

F17 stainless steel

Fil de cuivre

Copper wire





E1C- ferraille cisaillée

E1C – Sheared scrap



E202 – chutes oxycoupage

E202 – Oxy-cutting scrap

E314 – rails

E314 – Railway tracks