FML, industrial metal recycling company in Paris and across France

FML, our independent family-owned company, is a front-line player in the field of recycling in France and in Europe.

Our firm is specialized in the recovery and reclamation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from industry.

FML operates across all business areas (automotive industry, equipment manufacturers, household appliances, mechanical engineering, aircraft industry…) and offers a holistic range of services: collection, sorting, processing, reclamation, including material traceability and quality control.

At FML, we leverage on the experience gained by our family owners over more than 100 years to offer bespoke and innovating services to our wide range of customers. We also work in close partnership with our clients as part of all our activities.

FML is a global operator and a reliable partner with a national scope.

Our company operates countrywide in order to provide prompt, responsive and timely services. We are driven by one fundamental goal:

“A trusted partnership”

Collection, recycling and processing of scrap
metal and industrial waste in Paris and across France

Our story


The history of the LAUTARD family business in the field of scrap metal collection started near Paris…

Born and raised in the Aveyron region, Joseph LAUTARD decided to move to Montreuil, near Paris. This is where he started to recycle scrap metal, with a horse and a cart. He used to unsolder cans in order to collect tin parts and turn them into small ingots!

Lautard et fils 1909
Lautard et fils 1920


At the end of World War I, after having worked with Joseph LAUTARD, François LAUTARD created a site in Aubervilliers dedicated to the recycling of non-ferrous metals.


Roger LAUTARD founded a public limited company named “Société Lautard SA” in Bobigny and then relocated to Drancy in 1983. He ran and developed the business with his sons until 1996.

Lautard et fils 1953


François and Maxime LAUTARD founded the FML company in Paris.

A century after the company was first formed, driven by the same passion as their ancestors, François and Maxime Lautard continued the work of the family business by creating a new concept in metal recovery. They decided to develop their industry know-how and expertise with the help of industrial companies as well as melters and steel metallurgists they worked for. They also teamed up with regional partners in order to outsource the logistics and storage of scrap metal in France.

With their unique way of managing operations, François and Maxime LAUTARD combine the strength of a national group with the responsiveness of a SMB, while maintaining the core values of their native region of Aveyron: respect for people, authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The 5th generation working in support of recycling…

Our values

The values that drive us stem from our history and our commitment to satisfy our customers and partners.

Skill and expertise

As we have more than 100 years of experience, our industry know-how is recognized in the “world of recycling”. Our expertise also takes the form of certifications and qualifications granted by our partners, who share the same mindset as us.

Quality of service

Quality of service is a key aspect of our activities. It is intertwined with the quality of the relationship we build with our suppliers and customers, the quality of our service delivery and our availability. Our quality of service has one and only goal: ensure the full satisfaction of our suppliers and customers. With this in mind, we strive to listen carefully to them, to understand their needs and to take appropriate actions, while conducting ongoing monitorings.

Our approach to continuous improvement

Remaining faithful to our mission and history, we are committed to continuous improvement and this approach is reflected by our ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certifications. We also require all our partners to meet these standards in order to ensure our clients benefit from reliable and risk-managed solutions.

Our national and European footprint

FML has a complete national coverage with over 40 platforms and regionally-based service providers. We can therefore provide all necessary scrap metal recovery and management services in every single region of France, together with a high degree of customer proximity. We are gradually expanding our European footprint, as part of our commitment to support our customers.

Where we operate

Our office is located in the 12th “arrondissement” of Paris. Our staff centralizes and coordinates administrative, logistics and business tracking operations. They have established privileged relations with our stakeholders (industrial companies, clients…) and service providers across France. FML thus remains your single point of contact.

FML currently operates in 40 platforms thanks to our many regional partners. We have a complete national coverage and have been expanding our footprint to Europe over the last few years.

Despite the broad scope of our work, we are able to offer proximity services with the help of our many specialized and certified service providers, based in various regions of France. Our company is in constant development and each and everyone of us is invited to bring his experience, his reliability and his availability to the benefit of our customers.

By freely combining people’s talents and capabilities, FML manages to bring together stakeholders and to promote synergy between many key players in the recycling industry. Thanks to our structure and our unique way of managing operations, we offer proximity and responsiveness, qualities that are valued and recognized by our clients.


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